Steven Weinberg Professional Autobiography

Photographs provide a powerful visual signature to the continuously changing evolution of events that define the world we live in. My first experience with a camera happened at the age of eight with a birthday gift from my parents. Of course early photographs would include innocent pictures of backyard trees
or the lawn hose, which provided me with much childhood pleasure, yet at the inquisitive age of seventeen I became fascinated with how the impact of
well-composed design elements can convey a subtle message that provides insight with aesthetic prose.

Aside from the standard subjects (my dog Sneakers, friends or youthful
crushes of the time) it seemed that I was innately endowed with a gift to
capture the moment via photography with the prescience to listen to how potential events would unfold before they occurred. It was at this instant that
I would splice myself into a circumstance to capture its ephemeral passage, always shot "through the lens" without the benefit of computer manipulation or enhancement.

This is not mystical reverie, it's an application of "seeing faster" which has confirmed itself to me time and again and is always an enthralling revelation with each new situation. As a result, I have been able to provide client's needs with photographs that speak from a vantage point ahead of expected events, allowing imagery that becomes simultaneously timely and timeless.

For more than 20 years I have extensively photographed the historic transition of emerging market economies in Central Europe and the post-Soviet states as a retrospective commentary on the developments that have helped reshape a new era in world history. Work has been featured in solo exhibitions at Columbia University, and the U.S. Embassy-Tbilisi, Georgia. Selected as a "Legend Behind the Lens" photographer for Nikon, photos comprise a CNN private collection, were recently published by National Geographic on Romania,
EUMM - The European Union Monitoring Mission and are represented worldwide by Getty Images.

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